Aeroponic Garden System Review

Garden and the airport seems to have a combination that is in fashion. Not long ago we spoke of the historic Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, transformed, after disposal, in a cultural center and fairgrounds, with lots of shared urban garden outside. Hundreds of inhabitants of the metropolis and its surroundings, engaged in cultivating the earth, vegetables and fruits, in an interesting initiative in agriculture town. Or Athens: here the slopes have been abandoned gradually transformed into gardens and orchards shared urban .

But the frontier of urban cultivation does not stop there. Just take a look at what came up in Chicago and the precision to ‘ O’Hare International Airport . 1100 seedlings of various species, including 44 types of organic vegetables and some aromatic plants, grown inside the airport , by an ingenious aeroponic system , in direct contact with travelers. Edible products, including beans, peppers, basil, chives and even edible flowers, all at zero kilometers, arranged in a relaxing area , where tourists and people in transit will be able to access and spend some ‘of their waiting time.

Also interesting is the inner loop of micro products, used by the four restaurants included in the structure of the airport. A green oasis for tourists and travelers, managed by HMSHost and the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), which has that feature modern design that makes it even more appealing, arranged in a circular area on horseback between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.

The Aeroponic system is in fact an evolution of what hydroponics, where the root level is inserted in the water. But here is even more subtle: the roots are air and hang from the structures. Of these is then constantly sprayed water vapor enriched with nutrients , able to feed and grow different species of vegetables and flowers. In addition, the water is not absorbed and used by plants, is recycled with a particular system of pipes.

During the process aeroponic, the first seeds are planted in small cubes of special yarn of volcanic rock that holds water and biodegrades naturally over time. Once the plants reach a certain size, they are transferred to the aeroponic towers, which involved special lamps and regular cycles of irrigation by 15 minutes . What are the advantages? In addition to a purely aesthetic that captures the view, this process also allows a considerable saving of water , the fertilizer as well as skilled labor. The 26 white columns have a very modern design and transform the landscape of the airport in Chicago into a conservatory-style vertical farm , which is vertical farming , so fashionable in this period.

Opened in September last year, 928 square feet of vegetable garden , are really something innovative, not only for the type of cultivation, but for a modern perspective of eco-sustainability and short chain , even in a large structure and complex, how can it be an airport. The garden is flanked by a display that shows and describes the benefits of sustainable aeroponic system and highlights other similar sustainability initiatives.